Want A Healthy Body? Here’s How You Can Get It By Eating Right For Your Body Shape


Did you know that your body shape can help you find the right diet to maintain a healthy body and weight? We all are different from each other and come in all shapes and sizes. People are trying out all sorts of different methods to get the right shape and healthy body. Each of our body stores fats in different places giving us different shapes of our body. We all have our problem areas and weight-loss issues that are based on our body type.

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So here we have noted down which foods work best for you so you can the perfect body shape, lose weight and get a healthy body by eating right!


This type of body shape gains weight evenly lacking muscles tone. Well, this is the most desired body shape among the women. People with hourglass body shape usually have high blood sugar level so they’re advised to eat foods with a low glycemic index and eat small meals in the entire day.

Get healthy body by eating right for your body shape

Foods like rice, noodles, white bread are advised t be avoided, they can be replaced with whole foods, though.

Get helathy body by eating right for your body shape

They should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and consume healthy fats from lean proteins.

Get helathy body by eating right for your


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