You Can’t Miss These Hilarious Tweets By Husbands Highlighting Their Marriage and Life!


Getting married and having children is one of those desires which every human being craves for, and reaching that goal is something which cannot be better anymore. But obviously being a huge thing, this also lead over to bring that great change in everyone’s life, and this is what it did with these husbands. These hilarious tweets by these almost messed up husbands are today going to make your day go amazing.

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1. Okay, this can actually be counted as a valid point!
Hilarious tweets by husbands

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Seriously, how on earth a person with no job is worried about Mondays! Or maybe, this is something like every other living being on this earth is actually meant to hate this day, no matter animated or whatever.

2. You got to leave, anyway!
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Shoes are way more important, maybe! Or this can be counted as best punishment for children to not do this again.

3. Let’s not disturb him!
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Sometimes it is about letting him play with the toy and at another moment this might be the thing about throwing the toy on him and keep him shut.

4. What! Sorry! I am Frozen.
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And maybe this being frozen can also help him in avoiding cleaning those dishes, or laundry work or maybe any other things.

5. Count this as a valid reason for getting separated!
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And this thing is actually making it easy for a man to get that separation thing done! Well, Star wars is love, you know!

6. Waiting for the turn!
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You know there are a whole lot of men out there and this is going to take really long time for a mind to reach him. We are still waiting for the good comeback, though. 


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