Hostel – 6 Memories From College Diaries To Make You Feel Nostalgic!


Hostel days mean, staying in others’ room all the time and forgetting the way to that of your own; lending your clothes to your friend for really long and getting confused about who that actually belongs to; not having even a penny in your pocket and suddenly starting to feel like a millionaire when your friend gets his pocket money! The hostel is a Home away from Home…… and every hostel corridor holds millions of memories and the best parts of a student’s life.

Let’s trace back to our hostel days and get to feel a bit nostalgic.

1) Those memorable mid-might Maggi feasts!

Hostel Memories

Because the heart-breaking meals of the hostel mess are just not enough to relieve our hunger pangs. And God forbid if you ever fortuitously ask for an extra piece of sweet, the mess manager would give you deadly tough looks and stare you like hell as if you’ve asked for his entire attorney! Lastly gulping down instant noodles remains as the only option left for the helpless hostellers. But with friends around, even that feels more heavenly than any candle-light dinner!

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2) Having thousands of dresses, hundreds of footwear & loads of accessories in your closet!

Hostel Memories

Because your friends’ closets are technically yours! *wink* Just walk straight through their rooms, pick up anything that lightens your heart and congratulations…… you officially own it now! A hosteller never has to bother about what to wear……….. they just have to decide which one to wear.

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3) Learning rules carefully so that we could break them later!

Hostel Memories


“Rules are made to be broken”….. must have been said by a hosteller for the first time. From listening to loud music at nights…… to escaping the hostel by jumping off the walls……….. no hosteller has ever succeeded in controlling the cravings for saying ‘no’ to the rulebook. And this action is justified too when even using electrical appliances would be considered as a crime by our dearest wardens!

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