Human Brains Could Now Be Merged With AI, Thanks To Elon Musk


The world is evolving at a very fast rate and there are new technologies being invented every now and then and released. Some technologies are being made that are so advanced that they can’t yet be released to people. Whenever we talk about innovations, it’s our brains that do it. But, we cannot innovate our brains to do more than it already does. Like always, Elon Musk has a tech for it as well. Recently, he released a tech that is implanted in our brains and they could be operated with AI. Would you believe that all our sci-fi dreams could come true with this?

Below are the details of this project of Elon Musk:

The project is known as ‘Neurolink’.


This project aims at putting chips in human brains and using AI to control the brain and simulations.

The project is almost complete.

The best part is that it isn’t some 10-year early announcement of future tech. The project is almost complete and human trails are to be done.

Human Trials begin next year.


And then the tech will be tested with more devices attached to the brain.

Elon Musk live-streamed the launch.


It was available for everyone to watch and the reactions people had were just awesome as if it was a joke and impossible.

Neurolink can treat problems in the brains.

Neurolink claims to treat brain injuries, diseases like Alzheimer’s, paralysis and dementia.

The main reason for the Livestream was recruitment.

They want human adapters and testers and hence Elon wanted to educate people himself.

There would be chips implanted in the brain.

These chips will have 1024 electrodes worth of threads. This could gain 10 times more data than current technologies and he plans to put 4 chips for the trial.

The size of the chips would be 4mm by 5mm which is very small.

And it would be possible to implant up to 10 chips per brain in the future.

“Neuralink will be attempting to use its device to allow quadriplegics to control a computer.”


The threads will be inserted in the primary motor cortex of the brain. This controls the motor functions of the brain.

These threads will allow a person in paralysis to move his hand.

Rather than physically trying to use their motor parts, the person has to think about it and the receptors of the threads will do it accordingly.

The bars are pretty high and it’s not sure if the company would be able to pull it off successfully.


The trails begin next year and it would be a first of its kind tech. This live stream was done to get the attention of most knowledgable people from the respective fields. But, its Elon Musk, he can do anything.


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