Belle Delphine Is Selling Her Own Bathwater to Thirsty Fans


Social media is a great place to exist in with new things and news coming up every second you hit that refresh button. Many people like to post everything they find on the internet or anywhere to social media and other places to gain popularity or just for the sake of sharing it. The best place to share these videos is YouTube, a platform we all already know about and have already wasted countless hours on. The content creators we see on YouTube are social media experts with many fans following. One of these social media influencers is Belle Delphine, who’s also known as ‘Gamer Girl’ by many. She has a very big fan following on social media and recently she came to the news because of a product launch. The product being her ‘Bathwater’ selling online.

Who is Belle Delphine?

bath water

If you’re an internet Millenial who keeps up with stuff, you already know her. She’s an Instagram model who dresses up like some Anime girl for her fans.

Her fan following is amazing.

Most of it is thirsty teens with Anime Furry fantasies and since she dresses like one, people follow her.

Not the first time she has made headlines.


She was first mentioned by PewDiePie, the most famous individual YouTuber as a joke and since then, her popularity has grown with her being mentioned in many videos of him and others as well.

Recently, she created a Pornhub account.

bath water

She posted a photo on her Instagram with a caption that said if the photo reached 1M likes, she would make a Pornhub account.

More than 2 Million people liked her photo and she delivered.

bath water

But, not the way they wanted her on the platform. She made clickbait videos where she didn’t actually do any p0rn but did the verbal things. Like in the video titles ‘I eat PewDiePiew” all she did was eat a photograph of the YouTuber.

She got a lot of hate by all the ‘Thirsty Fans’ because of this joke.

Her videos on Pornhub were mostly disliked. She hasn’t posted a new video on the platform as well after her first couple.

Fans recently started a joke.

bath water

As we all know social media, anything can start as nothing and end up as a huge trend. Fans posted comments on her photos like ‘I would drink her bathwater if I could’.

This gave her an idea…

And then she started selling her bathwater online at a great price of $30 per jar.

The bathwater had two sales and was sold out as well.

bath water

As weird and as depressing as it sounds, this woman managed to sell two and only batches of the so-called product with people also making videos with her ‘product’ real or fake.

The Internet exploded with memes as well.

bath waterAlso, now her Instagram account is deleted for some reason recently, people think it was because of all the thirsty fans who expected her to do real p0rn but were disappointed so they spammed her account with reports leading to the shutdown.


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