Suarez Illustrated Disney Princesses As Modern Girls Living In 2017


Disney princesses are the childhood of the people born in the 90s but that doesn’t mean people born in the 21st century don’t admire them. Everybody loves Disney princesses and that’s the reason why in recent years, many people imagined and illustrated the modern version of them. They came up with different ideas which blew the Internet but nothing could match the level of how Fernanda Suarez illustrated it. She is the latest one to make the Disney princesses modern and arguably the fairest one too.
Disney princesses we grew up, loving and admiring, are now illustrated and made modern and it is taking the internet by storm. Starting from Snow White, this lady illustrated 7 classic princesses in modern and present-day fashion. This sketched up characters seem like they follow Luxy Hair Tutorials on YouTube and shops clothes from Forever 21. These 7 Disney princesses are looking absolutely amazing in the modern attire.

Now that they are illustrated into modern characters, they must have also started campaigning on social media for the equal rights of Dwarfs, Marine Wildlife and big cat conversations, too.
Suarez, who has become viral on the Internet and sensation on Instagram is working on other Disney princesses as well and they will be coming soon on her Instagram handle itself. So if you don’t find your favourite princess in this list of 7, don’t feel upset because they might be coming very soon. Rapunzel and Merida are some of the Disney princesses she is about to turn modern very soon which will be a treat for our eyes.

Now, let’s take a look at how Suarez illustrated the modern versions of Disney princesses:

1. Mulan

disney princesses illustrated as modern

Personally, she is my favourite Disney character and right now, I have just got yet another reason. She is looking perfect as the modern Mulan. All thanks go to Fernanda Suarez.

2. Belle

disney princesses illustrated as modern
She is looking as beautiful as ever but I really wonder how the beast would look like.

3. Jasmine

disney princesses illustrated as modern
I can’t believe how great Suarez is at illustrations. This Jasmine is probably the best version of herself, after comparing with many other illustrations I have come across in the past few years.

4. Ariel

disney princesses illustrated as modern
The way she is looking, she could be easily cast in a teen movie coming up the next year. Oh, I forgot, she isn’t real.

5. Pocahontas

disney princesses illustrated as modern
She looks even more realistic here than in the movie.

6. Snow White

disney princesses illustrated as modern
She has the apple in her hands and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who wants her to eat it again. I want to see this modern Snow White being cast in a movie, please.

7. Cinderella

disney princesses illustrated as modern
This time, she does not look like she’d take a crap off the step family. You can’t picture her in that place but you have to admit, she is looking awesome.

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