Illustrations That Truly Describe The Happiness Of Living Alone


Living out of your home can be a hard thing to do. The time when you move out and go somewhere, there’s a chance that someone might be moving in with you, but what if they don’t? Sometimes you just get to live alone and that can be pretty exhausting and boring. Imagine wanting to talk to someone about something so bad, but there’s no one around or wanting to lift the heavy sofa which you can’t alone and needing help doing so. These are some downsides of living alone, but there are amazing perks as well.

Yaoyao Ma Van, an artist animater has illustrated the happiness of living alone:

1. The Peace and Quietness.


Having some time when there’s nothing to interrupt your peace is just near to impossible these days.

2. Escaping Reality.


Reading books, or watching movies just to escape the real world and forgetting what’s out there waiting to eat you up.

3. Working Whenever You Feel Like It.

Something you literally cannot do when you live with someone as there are ‘human times’ to do stuff and not whenever you wanna do it.

4. Doing Nothing All Day.

I’m at that point in life where I can write this in my CV and the interviewer won’t even take this as a joke.

5. Binge Eating All You Want.

Yeah! That’s the spirit. Just eat whatever you like, whenever you like while watching Netflix and make your couch your bed.

6. Bathing As Long As You Want.


Be it a shower or a bathtub, you can chill in the water for as long as you want without anyone knocking your door because they’re late for office.

7. Having A Party With Yourself.

Dancing like a crazy with the music turned up to full volume is just one of the best feelings you’ll ever get while living alone.

8. Enjoying Some Quality Me Time.

Every person needs some me time to analyze themselves and learn what went wrong in the day. And what’s better than having all the time to yourself without having to label it ‘me time’.

9. Making A Mess.


You’re gonna have to clear it yourselves as well, so BEWARE!

10. Playing With Your Pup.


Having a pet doesn’t count as living with someone but it has its own perks. You can have all the space you want and be loved by your pup as well.


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