How To Break The ‘I’m In Love’ News To Your Parents!


Confessing ‘I’m In Love’ is really not an easy task.

Every relationship has its share of a honeymoon period in which all you care about is having a worthy time with the guy of your dreams. But what happens once the ‘days of fun’ are over and ‘days of responsibility’ arrive…?? If you think you’ve finally found the one….. it’s high time to take things a step ahead. Have you imagined confessing about your love like ‘I’m In Love’ to your parents like a thousand times in head still can’t gather the courage to utter words in reality! Don’t worry we’re on your rescue.

1) Mention him more and more in your conversations……. as *just a friend* first.

Your to-be-soulmate shouldn’t be an alien to your parents. Let your parents know at times that you do have a special corner for him. They’d obviously query which’d give you a chance to unwrap more of his good qualities before them. Once you’re convinced that they like him as a *person*, you can expect them to like him as your *partner* as well. Dropping some hints and signs would save you from all those “Who’s he??”…… “What does he do??” questions!


2) Don’t act like a rebel. Remember you’re still your daddy’s little girl and not a freedom fighter!

You can’t expect your parents to hug you and say *yes* in the first go itself. Love is nothing less than a roller-coaster ride so be prepared to go through all the crests and troughs coming your way. Look for the best time for these kinds of conversations and don’t get hyper upon their disagreement. Good things do take time.

I'm In Love

3) Convince the more liberal parent first.

If one of your parents is more broad-minded, understanding, reasonable and open to the idea of love marriage…..persuading him/her would be a cakewalk. Once he/she is convinced….. you’ve already won half of the game. Save the toughest target for the end!

I'm In Love


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