Images Of Different Life Situations That Are Sarcastic To The Core


The world is too big with too many people that live totally different lifestyles and are totally different from each other. Some people tend to live better lives because of what we all know and is called, money mostly. Some have to adjust to what they have got and are pretty much okay with it or maybe want more. Life isn’t all about money as well, it’s about happiness in survival. There are so many things that depict our life situations and the best way to depict them is by images. A picture can say a thousand word and so can the images that are related to life situations, that too in a sarcastic way that everyone loves and adores.

Below are some different life situations that are sarcastic to the core:

1. The Share People Have In Everything.


Some people won’t be content with what they have but others will just beg to have a scent of that.

2. Discontent With Life is Everywhere.

You’ll never be satisfied with what you have. Mark my words NEVER! If or when you achieve what you need, you’ll eye for another and never be happy with what you accomplished.

3. What You Sow is What you reap.

The most sarcastic way to give a message.

4. Mark The Words, It’s ‘Save The Earth’.


In the name of saving the Earth, we’re just destroying it, more like ‘Shave The Earth’.

5. Smartphone Addiction!


I don’t even need to explain the sarcastic message this image depicts. You already know it.

6. Pretending is Satisfaction.


People will pretend to be something that they are not, rather than just becoming what they want to, just because of the society.

7. Life should not be measured in Time.

Be it life, relationships, love or any other invisible feeling or thing that keeps us going.

8. What Everyone’s crazy about.


These images can hurt a lot of people with their sarcastic depiction but well, that’s what they are for.

9. It’s Social Media, not a Warzone.

Social media companies not much care about the stuff on their platforms but the people go to several lengths to fight over stupid things over different social media networks that at this point it’s just pointless.

10. There are two ways to look at it.



People are just more self-interested rather than thinking about the rest of the world.


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