Indian Illustrator Shows What It’s Like To Have A Girlfriend.


Having a girlfriend in India is a really big deal, but what’s even bigger a deal is that you have a girlfriend that actually lives with you. Indian girlfriends have their own private bubble which they are really comfortable in, but let’s face it, how different girlfriends really are? No matter where you go you’ll always find plenty of similarities. This Indian illustrator explains through his comics what it’s really like to have a girlfriend!

Karan Gupta is an Indian Illustrator who beautifully shows the pros and cons of living with your girlfriend!

1. Honestly, if you want your girl around you all the time then my friend you really need to deal with all her hair fall problems as well.
Indian illustrator

2. She always is there to protect you from the harm’s way, but sometimes she may knock you out even before you realize it.
Indian illustrator
3. Face it, girls can also beat you up in video games and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!
Indian illustrator4. You definitely need to be ready for the holiday mood if you actually want to make it work, doesn’t matter if it is actually time for Christmas or not!

Indian illustrator
5. Now that is a trick question, no matter what you choose she is gonna go with what she has already decided. So, don’t sweat it, just give her an answer.
Indian illustrator
6. It’s not what you think, couples that binge watch episodes together, stay together.

6. Dude, don’t even try when it comes to food Indian girls are really possessive. Even more possessive than what you’re capable of!

7. As opposed to the most common belief, not everybody is after their boyfriends for marriage. Having your fingerprint on his phone is a great deal too!

8. Girls, why do you do this (I’m including myself in this too!) you should definitely learn to have a fixed answer.

9. Don’t worry, she has your back, and it is only a spider. It isn’t gonna eat you up you know!

10. Nope, you can never ever take really good pictures, don’t even try.

11. Seriously, what on Earth is so funny about that?


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