Insightful Things About Certain Movies That Might Bother You


Movies take up a great chunk of our time in lives and that’s amazing. But, nothing is perfect now, isn’t it? Many of the movies we have seen have always had something that didn’t make sense but we had to digest the fact anyways. It’s not even famous if it’s not a big detail most of the times. And it always bothers you knowing these small details that not everyone knows. Let us remove your bother once and for all.

Below are some of these Insightful Things About Certain Movies That Might Bother You:

Classic Accents.


Now that I have noticed, this definitely happens. Americans definite screw things up.

So Santa does differentiate?


Plus all the expensive gifts are for rich kids, right?

Harvey Dent was stupid.


Or maybe he didn’t have enough brains to understand if a nurse would use all the makeup for no reason.

Yeah, don’t even bother explaining this.


I mean not like he had a beard trimmer but didn’t use it on his hairs and stuff…

Millennial movies.


Definitely doesn’t give out a good message but well, that’s the reality for you.

Don’t even bother explaining this Disney.

They improved this in the movie adaptation though by making all men reader, nicely sexist of them.

They come into existence out of nowhere.

And they’re just lucky maybe.

Pedophile spotted.


Why couldn’t you guys think about this very small detail that just changes the whole purpose of the movie?

Not like dead bodies smell like roses.

Comedy movies can go to any length to defy logic and make us laugh. Mission Successful.

How could you do this?

Glad someone finally realized this big timeline mess up.

Parents are to be blamed for everything.


Plus, at least one of the parents dies, in the end, realizing their mistake. They made us foolish kids thinking parents are the real problems. SMH 🤦‍♀️.

Easy Way to save the universe.


But, there won’t be any Endgame beating box office record and a great movie. No Thank You.


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