The Society Wants Women To Look Young Forever On Tv No Matter What!


Women must never look old on Television until they are absolutely in no position to look younger. Yup, this is what the society actually wants, the male leads can be as old as they want to be, but when it comes to women, they must look young forever. These norms have actually driven women all over the world to maintain certain beauty standards to be considered young and beautiful!

Is it possible for women to look young forever? Well, this is what the society actually calls for!

When it comes to beauty, women have always been more self-conscious and would do anything. We have seen Cleopatra bathing with milk and the Roman women literally soaking themselves in moisturizers for all day long to get silky smooth skin.

young forever

But, as old age catches on, people notice a change in their appearances and even in their behavior.

young forever

But, when it comes to women, they seem to have no choice but to age with grace, even on TV. And this calls for maintaining from a strand of your grey hair, to your body shape.

Women over 40 are seen becoming more prone to criticism for their wrinkled appearance and their grey hair and also their degrading body shape.

young forever

They have to get rid of the wrinkles, cover up their grey hair and also look after their body shape by any means possible.

young forever

As a result, the maximum of the female stars undergoes plastic surgeries and botox injections, which literally robs them of their natural beauty and makes them look like a plastic doll.

For men, it’s not that big a deal, but for women, it is apparently embarrassing to embrace their old age, even viewers don’t allow women to age on-screen.

This craze has apparently gotten so such an extent that beauty companies encourage women to use anti-aging products from the age of 20 even before the wrinkles even appear.

Not only in the entertainment industry, but women over the age of 40 have a tough time finding jobs even in the regular world. Everybody wants a young woman employee, nobody would even want to look at the resume and the work experience the 40-year-old woman has.

young forever

All you got to do is be attractive and look extremely appealing for the employers to hire you. As they say, “Men age like wine, and women age like milk”, this is what the scene has always been with women whether they belong to the television industry or not.


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