Know What Google ‘Allo’ Is And The Hidden Features Related To It!


6. Text Formatting

You can format your text before sending the message. The text size can be increased or decreased by sliding the send button up and down. This feature is also making this app unique as it is not available in any other chatting app.

Image result for Font size changing in google allo


7. Image Recognition

Allo can recognise a picture received by you and can suggest an automatic response with which you can respond to the received image.

Image result for Picture recognition in google allo


8. Making messages invisible

Another cool feature you would love to use is that you can set your messages to become invisible after a period of time. You have this feature in Snapchat too but it works very differently.


9. Google Assistance in Human Conversation

If you need any kind of help from google assistant while you are chatting with someone then you just need to type @google and assistant will show up for you.

Image result for google assistant between human chat



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