Lesser known Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes That You’d Love To Know.


13. Sherlock gains fellowship of Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Holmes may be imaginary but the honorary fellowship he gained isn’t. Yes, Royal Society of Chemistry gave Sherlock the fellowship of their society. Award was presented at the statue of Holmes outside the entrance to Baker Street station on 16 October 2002.

Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes.


14. Is Sherlock Holmes museum situated at 221B?

Sherlock Holmes’s official museum in London bears the address plate of 221B, though it can practically not be 221B. It lies between 237 and 241, probably at 239.

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15. First Sherlock Holmes novel was a flop.

We all know about the success AC Doyle’s series has gained but little do we know about the failure. Sherlock Holmes first novel A Study in Scarlet (1887) was almost a flop. It was rejected by many publishers before it made it’s a place in Beeton’s Christmas Annual.

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16. Sherlock is a comic book hero in Japan.

Surprising enough! Young Miss Holmes, Detective Hound, The unrelated Detective dog Sherdock are supposed to be its part.

Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes is very popular. I repeat, very popular! He’s been filmed for the maximum number of times for a reason. Sir AC Doyle’s suspense intrigues us from top to bottom. We wish to see more and more of this fictional creature in future. #SHERLOCKED 🙂


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