Lesser known Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes That You’d Love To Know.


7. We have a question pending for Dr. Watson’s wife for the confusion she created.

We know that complete name of Dr. Watson is John H. Watson. Then why did his wife Mary address him as ‘James’ in ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’ ? Another popular crime writer says that it may be in reference to ‘Hamish’ of John H. Watson. God knows what the secret is.

Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes.


8. Sherlock made a totally wrong assumption in one of the cases.

Yes, you read it right! Our own genius Sherlock got the entire mystery of The Yellow Face wrong. He made a very confident assumption which was backfired later on. So being a humble person, he asks John to let him know if he gets overconfident and the case starts slipping out of his hands.

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9. ‘Elementary, My dear Watson’ is one of the major misconceptions too.

Sherlock Holmes did utter ‘Elementary’ and ‘My dear Watson’ numerous times but he never combined them up in a phrase. So basically the famous phrase did not exist in peculiar form. This happens to be one of major misconception we all have about the series.

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