Lesser known Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes That You’d Love To Know.


10. He was quite different than the world’s imagination and view.

For Sherlock Holmes, we all have an image set up in our minds. Whenever the name strikes, our brain responds according to that universal picture which actually never existed. He didn’t wear a deerstalker hat, did not use the very famous phrase and didn’t smoke the Calabash pipe. Calabash pipe came in trend when actor William Gilette, who played Holmes firstly was picturized with it.

Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes.


11. Reel life Vs Real life.

Sherlock Holmes tv series shot by the BBC casts Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents as Sherlock’s parents who got featured in the first episode of the third series.

Facts Regarding Sherlock Holmes. Via

12. Sherlock isn’t a sociopath. 

“I am not a psychopath, Anderson.I am a high functioning sociopath. Do your research.” is now a kind of hallmark for the series shot by BBC. But is Sherlock a sociopath? No, he isn’t. He made that statement upon the word ‘psychopath’, that he was addressed with. He makes that statement because that expresses his betterment at his job and his emotional control.



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