Makeup Artist Can Transform Himself Into Any Celebrity And It’s Absolutely Unbelievable!


How wonderful would it be if you had the power to transform to any celebrity you felt like? I mean, when I say anybody, I mean both men and women alike. Well, thanks to some brilliant makeup skills, you can definitely do it, but it’ll probably take ages for you to do so, but there is one makeup artist who can transform himself into any celebrity and it’s hard to believe what you see!

This drag queen can transform himself into literally anybody and it is absolutely brilliant!

Elliot Joseph Rentz is a Manchester-based makeup artist who is also a famous drag queen who goes by the name Alexis Stone. Stone can literally transform himself into any celebrity he wants to and the transformations are absolutely unbelievable!

1. Recognize him? I’m sure you do, the gorgeous Jeremy Meeks, who is famous for his tear drop tattoo!
makeup artist
2. Cher looks somewhat like a vampire, but then again this is Cher we are talking about!
makeup artist
3. This legit looks like a really good Leonardo di Caprio painting, he actually used his face as a canvas!
makeup artist
4. Oh my God, this looks something out of a vintage photo shot, Dita Von Teese looks absolutely gorgeous!
makeup artist
5. You’ve got to admit that his hands know his art quite inside out, his Johnny Depp transformation looks so surreal!
makeup artist
6. Another awesome job on Marilyn Manson, he looks quite the deal!

7. Donatella Versace would sure as hell be pleased with your work, somebody finally made her look like herself!

8. Is that Ellen DeGeneres? This looks like a painting too! I mean how is this even possible?

9. If this doesn’t convince you that he is blessed with some neat makeup skills, nothing will, Queen Elizabeth, ladies and gentlemen.

10. I’m sorry, did Jennifer Lawrence have a twin or something? Cause this looks unreal to me!

11. A Post plastic surgery look for Dolly Parton, well done Alexis!

12. Say hello to the gorgeous Madonna, folks!


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