The Makeup Of This Woman Takes Optical Illusion To An Insane Level.


A woman named Mimi Choi is getting all the appreciations and fame for her insane optical illusion makeup. In the past few years, makeup artists have done something so amazing that will give your head a spin. And if you haven’t witnessed anything extraordinary in this field, you should start following this woman. Lucky are those who get paid for doing what they love to do and Mimi Choi is one of those lucky people. Mimi is from Vancouver, Canada, she was once a teacher in school and after three years she quit her job to pursue a full-time career in special effects makeup, and her mind-bending optical illusion will certainly give your head a spin.

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Get ready to witness the best optical illusion in the form of makeup. This artist deserves to be noticed for her skill.

1. It definitely needs a second look

optical illusion makeup

 2. Perfectly done

optical illusion makeup

3. Just awesome

optical illusion makeup 4. Looks photoshopped, but it isn’t

optical illusion makeup 5. This one is definitely her best work

optical illusion makeup6. Cracked doll 

optical illusion makeup

7. Snake brow

optical illusion makeup  8. Crazzyyy!

optical illusion makeup 9. Great work again

optical illusion makeup 10. The detailing is spectacular

optical illusion makeup 11. Optical illusion pieces

optical illusion makeup

11. So, which ones are real? 

optical illusion makeup 12. All eyes on you

optical illusion makeup 13. Chopped faces

optical illusion makeup 14. Again, the detailing is amazing

optical illusion makeup 15. Look closely, yes, it is makeup

optical illusion makeup  16. Snake lips

optical illusion makeup 17. Tongue in drawer

optical illusion makeup

Image Source: Instagram

Mind blow, right? Choi has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, she has made a name for herself in the world of special effects. She hasn’t released any video tutorial yet but the detailing to the special effects and optical illusion is spectacular. Some of her effects definitely look scary and can give you a nightmare. She credits her fiance for her strange creations. It may look like her make-ups are photoshopped but they aren’t. We hope she gets a big break soon where she can show her talent to the world. She has already started gaining a big no. of followers every day and people are loving her work.

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