Ordering Your Prom Dress Online? Don’t! These Girls Will Tell You Why.


Prom is coming up. You’re excited to go and you have to look perfect. No compromises on that! But be careful where you get your prom dress from. These girls ordered theirs online and are completely regretting it.

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1. Those Models Make It Look So Pretty. 

Prom dress online


Are you sure you ordered the right size

2. That Dress Looks Like A Curtain. 

Prom dress online via

No seriously, just look at it. It’s like a prom camouflage lol.

3. Yes, We Know It’s The One On The Right. 

Prom dress online via

The hands look so wrong.

4. Throwback Thursday Y’all! 

Prom dress online via

The left one looks like a wedding dress.

5. Tbh The Model Is Way More Slim Which Is Why The Prom Dress Fit Her So Well. 

Prom dress online via

And which is precisely why you shouldn’t order yours online.

6. Oh, Look! It’s Poison Ivy! 

Prom dress online via

No it’s not. It’s just the prom dress that’s poisonous.

7. Girl, You Ordered The Dress. Not The Figure. 

Prom dress online via


8. This One Is Deceiving AF! 

Prom dress online via

You got duped by that online store. 


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