Beware! These 18 Facts Taught During School Times Are Absolute Lies.


School times were complete fun. Weren’t they? Afterall we’ve our brain stacked up with lots of memories and information. But we are still unaware of the reality behind most of the things. Afterall School can go wrong too. Unknowingly we’ve been believing the lies taught to us since beginning.

For a change, try researching over these 18 lies taught to us during school times and discover the hidden truth behind.

1. Learning is fun.

Did they tell you that learning is fun? Of course they did. According to me this is one of the baseless lies taught during school times. Knowing things is fun. Inventing things is fun. Researching things is fun. But learning things is definitely no fun. So if you come across this statement again, just throw some light on the hairline difference between knowing and learning.

18 lies taught during school times.


2. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information.

Wrong. Very wrong. Wikipedia is indeed a reliable source of information. I still don’t understand that what makes them say so. They probably want students to go beyond Wikipedia while completing school assignments and this leads to myth that it is not reliable. So, next time you ought not give a second thought before copying all the information from Wikipedia.

18 lies taught during school times. Via

3. Cristopher Columbus’s story.

Here comes the most overrated story we all have been believing since time infinity. They made us believe that this explorer was first to discover America. No, he didn’t. Millions of people were already residing there before he reached the shore of a place presently known as Cuba. Woah! We even have a Columbus day for this myth.

18 lies taught during school times.Via 


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