13 Passive-Aggressive Notes That Are Hilarious AF


Ah, the fine art of passive-aggressiveness. Why do we ever bother to be direct and upfront when it comes to confrontation when instead, we can make snarky, sideways attempts to convey our annoyances through clever puns, outrageous signage and altogether absurd written notes? Writing notes may not be the most effective means by which to communicate and solve our problems, but it sure as hell has to be the most entertaining. For your viewing pleasure, here are the absolute most hilarious passive-aggressive notes you’ll find on the web. And if this list isn’t to your liking, please feel free to leave a passive-aggressive comment on these notes at the end. Enjoy!

1. Cat part problems



Don’t you hate it when you can’t find an appropriate space for your cat parts? We know we certainly do. It’s pretty much a given fact we can all agree on that the sink isn’t the best place for putting said parts, but it’s time once and for all we all decided upon a common solution for cat part storage. Especially when we all are sharing common living quarters, proper cat part storage is critical. It’s not just a matter of politeness and good manners; poorly disposed of cat parts is just flat out dangerous. Maybe this led to such passive-aggressive notes.

2. Comic sans no more

passive-aggressive notes


THANK YOU. Comic Sans is NEVER an acceptable font choice for such notes. EVER. Not even on your passive-aggressive notes. We don’t care if you’re an employee at a Fortune 500 company OR an eight-year-old selling lemonade. This font fell out of style faster than fanny packs, gigapets, and the act of planking. The sheer fact that there’s an entire movement to ban the font proves just how ridiculous it is to ever use Comic Sans. No, just…no.

3. A rockin’ comeback



Ah, nothing quite says wit and wisdom like a well-placed pun, especially when said pun includes a reference to ’80s metal rock bands in the form of a passive-aggressive note. Now if only there were some creative verbal plays on chapstick…

In all seriousness, though, so many people leave their dirty, used hair ties around and it is truly disgusting. Come on, ladies, have a little common courtesy! Would Gene Simmons or any of the respectful members of Twisted Sister ever leave their grimy hair accessories lying around unclaimed? We don’t think so! In fact, we are pretty certain said rockers are quite clean and well-organized when it comes to their hygiene tools and equipment. You can’t expect to look like they do and lose things left and right. Be a boss, get your sh*t together! 


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