Peculiar Things Happening In The Movie Background You Probably Missed!  


Sometimes while watching your favorite movie for the umpteenth time leaves you surprised when you find some peculiar things happening in the background. Here are such scenes.

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1. Despicable Me. 

Peculiar movie background via 

This movie made minions our favorites. All the minions are celebrating here when your eye lands in the background on these peculiar two who are in a passionate embrace. So adorable.

2. Year One. 

Peculiar movie background via

Jack Black, Michael Cera movie saw these comedians in an old age. Here is something peculiar  happening in the background where a man can be seen getting cozy with a goat. Wierd, right.

3. Mr Nanny. 

Peculiar movie background via

Many might have missed this peculiar thing in this movie which is a cult classic now. As Hulk Hogan drives off there is a man in the background who seems to be throwing his dog into the water.

4. Wizard of Oz. 

Peculiar movie background


Those so don’t look like the ruby slippers here. Many might have overlooked this in the background when scarecrow falls down.

5. Star Wars. 

Peculiar movie background via

Being a highly watched movie, Star Wars is not an exception. This scene had so many things happening here. Mark Hamill missing his stunt kick and peculiar of all sorts Boba Fetters flying to his death in the background. 

6. Spiderman. 

Peculiar movie background via

One of the most talked scenes in Spiderman franchise is the one in which Mary Jane is kissed by Spidey hanging upside down. Ever noticed how the windows in the background got repaired when they were earlier smashed to bits?

7. Ocean’s Eleven. 

Peculiar movie background via

With the amount of eating done by Pitt in this movie you would wonder how he isn’t fat. In this scene you can clearly make out that he is switching the wine glass with the plate and then switching it back. 

8. You Only Live Once. 

Peculiar movie background via

At the end of this movie there is an explosion which clearly freaks out this feline. However, the actor holding him grips him tightly to keep the scene rolling. But the look of pure terror just is too much to bear.

9. Pirates Of Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl. 

Peculiar movie background via

Whoever is that cowboy with white t-shirt and hat in the background here? Such a clash of historical eras happening in this scene.

10. Shaun Of The Dead. 

Peculiar movie background via

This one simply went unnoticed by all. Yes, Chris Martin of Coldplay was one of the zombies in the background of this movie.

11. Pocahontas. 

Peculiar movie background via

In the movie Pocahontas  you can spot this peculiar thing in the background which clearly went unnoticed by the editing team. The shadows are not holding hands when they should. 

12. Jumanji. 

Peculiar movie background via

The license plates get changed between the scenes in this family entertainer. Clearly a peculiar mistake overlooked here.


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