Fail: 12 Stupidest Picks Of People Who Were Caught Lying On Facebook


4) Teen Fantasy went Wrong

Look out teen girls; this girl has lived her fantasy. She kisses Justin Bieber! The picture below is 100% authentic.

Pic: The false fantasy

people lying on facebook

5) An Artist who got exposed.

Well, the internet is a difficult field. If you post something and claim that it is yours, you better be ready to back that up. If not, your friends (who are not your friends) will be glad to expose and troll you.

Pic: Totally exposed!

people lying on facebook

6) When you literally don’t know the limits.

If you gonna cheat, do it smartly. If not then you end up being stupid. I take my words back, you were already stupid.

Pic: Epic photoshop fail.

people lying on facebook


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