Photo Ideas That Can Make Your Followers Go “WOW”


As social media is getting popular and more people are looking forward to becoming social media influencers, the competition has risen. To have a successful social media account in such competitive times one needs to think out of the box. Clevel photography tricks and photo ideas can give you an edge like nothing else!

Here are some photo ideas to boost up your internet presence!

1. The Glitch Effect

The right use of the glitch effect can give your image an edge and can make it look more aesthetic. However, only add glitch if it suits the picture. Do not use glitch just because you want to.

2. Colour Coordination

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995k! Woah

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Make sure the colours in the background compliment the colour of your clothes. Good colours in the background can make your pictures 10 times better.

3. The Line Trick for a Better Photo

Judiciously use the lines and other geometric shapes around you to your benefit. Many at times these can give depth to your pictures too.

4. Backshots!

Pretty little backshots never hurt! Make sure to make them memorable and perfect.

5. The Streets

Never underestimate the streets. They are filled with colours, geometric shapes and culture. Streets can always add an edge to your photo no matter in which part of the world they are located. However, always be careful while shooting on the streets.

6. Fairy Lights!

Posing with fairy lights is too common these days but do not render them useless so soon. Let your cheap fairy lights do the magic in the background.

7. Subway Shoot

Subway/Underground/Metro or whatever you call them in your area, are as magical as the streets. So grab your photographer friend and hop on the next subway/metro/underground in rush free hours and get a photoshoot!

8. A Hearty Laugh

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Sunday Vibes! Enjoy the day! 🌸

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Sometimes you only need a hearty laugh or a confident smile to do the trick.

9. Reflections in the Photo

Mirrors and water can add an extra feature to your image through creating reflections. In fact, reflections can make your photo exceptionally attractive.

10. Play it Right with Black and White

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Progress, Not Perfection

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Although social media is all about bright colour these days, typical black and white have not got out of fashion. When used in the right way, the effect can boost your photo and might add a story to it.

11. Use Optical Illusions in your Photo

illusion photo


Simple optical illusions can do wonders to your photos. They can surely make your friends and followers go wow!


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