Real Life Billionaires Are Nothing Like The Reel Life Ones!


Movies have given us so many false notions about so many things that we often tend to believe it. But, there is such a vast difference between real and reel that we are left confused. Movies like 50 shades of Grey, Wolf of Wall Street and many other movies based on billionaires made us believe that they all live a life full of luxury and comfort. But, that isn’t the truth at all.

Here are 9 facts that’ll make you see the difference between real and reel life billionaires!

1. They don’t encourage their children to live a life being spoon fed everything.


The richest man on Earth Bill Gates wasn’t keen on providing their children a life full of luxury and lavishness. He has always taught them to be humble and respect the value of money.

2. There isn’t a private plane or yacht owned by every one of them.


Okay, unlike in the movies. Not everybody owns a private plane or yacht, which would be ready at their command. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway feels like they are a pain in the neck, owning toys and maintaining them only gives you a headache.

3. They are absolutely okay with driving old cars and cutting down on expense.


The founder of IKEA says that he is driving a Volvo to work for 15 years and doesn’t mind doing so as long as the car provides proper service. Kamprad and his wife had decorated their homes with inexpensive furniture from their own firm.

4.  They bargain just like us.

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When the CEO of Aldi was kidnaped is 1971 his brother bargained a ransom of $4 million. Well, you see not everybody likes to spend money more than what they can afford to.

5. Not everybody wants to live a lavish lifestyle. Some just want to have a minimal lifestyle and be happy.


David Cheriton is a Stanford Professor who has massive shares in Google has a net worth of $1.3 billion dollars. But yet he chooses to live a minimal lifestyle.

6. They like to conserve and save as well.


Putting an effort into saving money is never harmful. Azim Premji who has a net worth of $12 billion, monitors the use of toilet papers in the Wipro facilities and also asks his employees to switch off the lights when leaving the office.

7. Not everybody owns supercars or luxurious cars.


Mark Zuckerberg still uses his old Acura and not Mercedes or BMW because he doesn’t like to spend unnecessary money on things that aren’t that important.

8. They don’t really invite the entire city to their weddings.


Contrary to what the movies show us, billionaires like to keep their private functions as low key as possible. Buffet’s marriage to his second wife took place at his daughter’s house in an afternoon.

9. They aren’t always suited to the most expensive dresses available.


If you’ve seen Zuckerberg’s pictures you’ll know what I mean. Even the owner of Zara, Ortega, has a simple dress code of blue blazer, white shirt, and gray pants every day.

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