20 Accurate Comics That Shows Different Strokes Of Adulthood


Adulthood is a challenge we all try to meet when it occurs. We encounter many issues, where we have to make many choices and one of them is Marriage. This is the platform where each one discovers oneself, with all the ups and downs in a relationship between two people, staying under one roof 24 X 7. Sometimes we feel like throttling one another. It’s easier to put the other one down, in a fight, where each one is more defensive. Sarcasm becomes the way to communicate. Differences of opinions and Disagreements becomes a part of Adulthood that all couples experience. It is a journey of mixed emotions like love, hate, resentment, jealousy, doubt, possessiveness, irritation, forgiveness, ego and above all seeking attention which all plays a role in the growth, towards one becoming Mature in Adulthood.

Here are the Different Strokes of Adulthood in comic form by Caitlin Quijano.


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