These Are The Worst Ways To Die. You’ll NEVER Want To Die Like This!


We all know that Death is inevitable. But you definitely don’t want to die suffering the most excruciating pain. These are by far the worst ways in which death can greet you, and trust me you do not want to suffer these horrific deaths!

Here are some of the worst ways to die, and be these are definitely not one of those things you want to joke about!

1.  Starvation. 

If you thought not eating for a day was the worse thing that could happen to you. Let me tell you how wrong you are! The worse is starving to death. We all know that our body stores glucose and other useful nutrients so that it can provide us energy. But what happens when the energy is not replenished for a very very long time. Your body starts looking for energy sources from where it is not supposed to, like your muscles for instance, which would seem not so frightening at the beginning. But it is, as days pass, the body grows weaker and weaker and finally giving up.

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2. Dehydration.

This is no less horrifying than starvation. Don’t we know how hard it is to feel parched for even a day? Water is definitely the stuff of life, and without water, there is no life. And hence dehydration is definitely one of the worst ways to die. So, at first, your body begins to draw water from your body cells and hence they shrink. Next up is the real bad news, your body begins to draw water even from the brain cells, and your body starts going into a state of confusion delirium and chronic headaches. One by one the organs will start shutting down. The pain in your head will be excruciating and your brain will physical try to pull away from the cranium causing the blood vessels attached to it to pull away. Finally, you’ll go into the state of coma and then, die.

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3. Decapitation.

What could be worse than being beheaded? Not getting over with it at one go. Yes, so in medieval times the most common punishment for any crime was to behead the victim. But you know what? Though horrifying, many people think that beheading is over with a single go. This is not the case at all, even after getting beheaded the human brain functions up to 3 seconds, so yeah deal with that. What’s more horrifying is that sometimes the head would require several blows before it finally separates from the head.

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