Robert Pattinson, Twilight Actor Is Officially, The New Batman


Justice League was the last movie we all saw Ben Affleck doing as the Batman and it was fun while it lasted. We have now known from a long time that DC and Warner Bros are going to find a new Batman for the future and start filming the next movie as soon as they can. They were in talks with actors from a very long time and kept us waiting to announce the new Batman as who’s gonna manage all the superheroes in the DCEU.

The Final announcement has been Made.


It’s official now that Robert Pattinson is going to be our next Batman.

Ben Affleck Quit it and passed the role.

Ben Affleck announced that he would retire as Batman in the Jimmy Kennel Show last year and people have been wondering who’s gonna be the next all along.

Many actors were considered for the role.

Rumors were already out that Hoult would be the next Batman, but surprisingly, Pattinson bagged the prestigious role.

Affleck had some problems with the direction of Batman.

When he announced this news in January 2017 he explained how even after so much success, he had to quit the role. He couldn’t develop a suitable script of the 2021 film.

The Next Movie is gonna be ‘The Batman’.

This is supposed to be released in 2021 showing how Batman struggles and when he was young. Also making it another point as to why they chose Robert.

Pattinson is Well known for his Twilight Saga.

There are two types of people, those who love Pattinson for his role in Twilight and those who hate him for the role. But, he has had better roles for people to judge him with.

Matt Reeves Will Work on The Script alongside Pattinson.



When Ben and Matt were deciding for the Batman, they couldn’t hit a spot as mentioned by Ben, now as we have a younger character, it’ll suit what Warner Bros has thought about the movie all along.

Pattinson has something common with Affleck.



At least we’re going to have the same jawline of the batman as before with a newly acquired British accent which probably won’t matter as we already have seen Tom Holland excel in his role as Spider-Man.

The Character Will Continue to Be Darker.

Batman was always praised for being dark in storytelling as well as it’s cinematography. And it’ll be even darker in 2021 with “The Batman” which is also rumored to be a trilogy!

Fans had mixed reactions about Robert as the new Lead.


I can totally agree with this man, as Keanu already looks like Bruce without makeup and stuff that made other Batman’s into Bruce but we know Warner Bros didn’t choose John Wick star for a reason.

Some appreciated Pattinson and defended him on being in Twilight.

We all know Twilight is not the strong spot Pattinson has but there are enough roles he’s performed and nailed in for people to root for him as the Batman.


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