8 Sarcastic Cartoon Characters We Absolutely Adore


8 Sarcastic Cartoon Characters We Absolutely Adore

A shout out to all these  sarcastic cartoon characters (among others of course) who made  our childhood special with their sarcasm. They brought us fun, sense of joy and sowed the first seeds of sarcasm and laughter in us. Now brace yourself and enjoy this fun filled ride:

8) Iago

The original Angry Bird, Iago was a schemer, a profiteer, a shrewd parrot who thought of
nothing but the well-being of himself. Well, greed and occasional cowardliness gave rise to Sarcasm
and Iago entertained the audience with his witty but brutal mannerisms throughout of adventures
of Aladdin.

Pic: Iago and Jafar from Aladdin 

Sarcastic Cartoon Characters


7) Daffy Duck

A subject of countless hilarious duck hunts, Daffy Duck is one of most popular and recognized
cartoon characters. His lips and assertive unhinged personality won fans all over the world. He is
also very popular for his pairing up with ‘Speedy Gonzales’.

Pic: Daffy Duck


Sarcastic Cartoon CharactersSarcastic Cartoon Characters


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