10 Characters You’ll Find in Every Gym


Gym has somehow become synonymous to keeping your health in check. Most of us have gym memberships even if only a 10% of it actually has ever seen the face of their gym. Buying a membership somehow convinces us that we are doing all that is required to get the best shape of our lives.

Assume that some of us step foot in the gym, we are bound to get familiar kind of characters everywhere. The gym is filled with people that we will find everywhere.

We are listing down 10 such characters that we are going to see in every gym in town.

  1. The Music Lover

More often than not, we come across folks who are absolutely crazy about music. You can scream at the top of their voice for them to leave the treadmill, but no – they must not listen to anything but music!

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  1. The One on Steroids

Are you on juice, bro?”

Naah, naah. I am all natural!”

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  1. The Drama Queens

Cross Fit? But it will ruin my entire make up!” These are the “Gym Chicks” who result in most distractions.

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