People Thought Louise Delage Had An Amazing Life Until They Found The Shocking Truth Of Her Instagram Posts



                            Purpose of the Campaign

This campaign has been purposely made viral in order to create awareness amongst people. Our youths and loved ones around us are falling prey to alcoholism. 4 out of 5 youths are into regular boozing which is alarming and many are dying due to their drinking habits.

The reality of the Instagram posts of Louise Delage.

                          People Behind the Campaign

This campaign was brought into the picture by a production company Francine Framboise that helped in generating awareness about alcoholism for Addict Aide. Stephane Xiberras (Creative Director) came up with an idea to portray this campaign in a different way. The main focus was to hammer the trespassers of Louise Delage and make people suspicious over her existence. An alcoholic we come across around but never doubt on drinking and having a fake Instagram account.


The reality of the Instagram posts of Louise Delage.

Can you think what and how did this campaign made its mark? BETC focused on the Instagram patterns of posting. The hashtag, the type of posts/ content people react more often, the keywords that can generate a good amount of likes are the key factors of this campaign.


The reality of the Instagram posts of Louise Delage.

3 posts a day during the peak hours when people dive in for Instagram was the time slot chosen to posts about Louise Delage. Morning, lunch and night time was the perfect when people pass by their accounts. In all 20 to 30 hashtags per post is what aggregated the number of likes per posts based on food, travel, lifestyle, vacation and so on.


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