People Thought Louise Delage Had An Amazing Life Until They Found The Shocking Truth Of Her Instagram Posts


Few journalists and influential people did feel this as a trap but at the end fell over the lavishly styled pictures. Not only did Louise Delage received fame through Instagram posts but also she bagged fame amongst the French Twitter feeds.

The reality of the Instagram posts of Louise Delage.


                                          Main Agenda

The main agenda of this campaign post this set up has finally managed to throw some light on people and users of Instagram. All they hope is people hop into the lives of their near and dear ones and pull them off out the hazardous addiction they are falling in with.

The reality of the Instagram posts of Louise Delage.

Such a provoking thought reveals that regular consumption of booze can hamper your heart and lead towards cirrhosis. The death of a person at a very young age because it is booming amongst the youth is not a good sign. Be it any age group what the agency hopes for through this is people to get sober over their drinking patterns and not embrace death. In case you find such people around you just pull them out this addiction and help them lead a normal life.


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