15 Strangest Things Actually Found Up Butts Of People


The human race has been evolving ever since its inception. It can be said that humans are the dominant species of this world who have been working towards making this planet a better place. From all the basic inventions to technological advancements, we have always taken a step forward. But then I read stuff on the internet which makes me think that this species also has crossed the stupidity charts.  And the top things on that list is people sticking strangest things up their butts.

What is it with mankind and butts anyway? The hype for big butts in this century got real. But if this is what a hype does to people AND THEIR BUTTS, man, it is  crazy.


Here are the strangest things that were found up inside butts of peoples –


1. Beer Bottle

I know how much people love beer but this is insanity.

strangest things, butt


2. Flashlight

But what was he/she looking for inside? Definitely not brains.

strangest things, butt


3. Gun

Gun is a concealed weapon. But no more than this.

strangest things, butt


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