14 Mind Boggling Questions Women Ask And How To Answer Them To Save Your Life


It is nearly impossible to fathom the depths of a woman’s mind, her simple sentences are one tough goal but what about the typical mind boggling questions women ask? You’re blank, no witty comebacks to pacify an oncoming hurricane.

Better than giving her the blank stare, let me help you out here. Concentrating on the answers here, some of you would say- “I do “stuff” that she forgets what she asked.” Well kudos to the lucky bunch, this is for the people not so fortunate:

Here are the perfect answers to the mind boggling questions women ask!

  1. Do I look fat?

Say “yes” you are dead meat; hesitate to answer, well I would pray for your soul.

Best Answer–  The only option is NO, that also within a nano-second of her asking the question. mind boggling questions women ask


  1. What did you say?

Best Answer– Save yourself! Grab the lifeboat she threw you with this question because, buddy, she sure as hell heard what you said but, ooh, so did NOT like it. Feel blessed to get a chance to rectify your “mistake.” And even then if you repeat exactly what you said, then well…

mind-boggling questions women ask


  1. Is she prettier than me?

Best Answer– A resounding “NO” would be enough, as I said above, don’t go for the Let-me-think-for-a-moment pause. Complementing her would be even better.

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