11 Struggles Of Growing Up In An Indian Middle Class Family


Indian families and drama go hand-in-hand. Maybe now you can see through all the inspiration that works for the Hindi t.v. serials. And if you have grown up in a middle class home, you know how eventful your life can be. And if you have not been exceptionally lucky, then you know exactly how many times the struggle got real.

Here are 11 such instances of the struggles you must have had if you grew up in a middle class home:

1. You have awkward pet names.

Bunty, Bablu, Chinky- Sheer lunacy! Think of the time you were hanging out with your friends somewhere and someone from your family spotted you and called out to you by that stupid name. How badly you wished you could just vanish and save yourself the embarrassment!

Growing Up In A Indian Middle Class Family
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2. Relatives are so so important!

One thing that God made sure you could not ask for more are the uncountable relatives you have. Well, no, they are NOT important but they will make sure their presence is felt in your life. Call it a harsh stand but some of those unbearable creatures never fail to shower their “love” on you by gently screwing up the already fucked-up life you have.

Growing Up In A Indian Middle Class Family
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