14 Struggles Only People Who Hate Physical Contact Know


Chances are you either have those friends who hate being touched or maybe you are that friend. Ask that friend or yourself and you’d not deny that the struggles are real. Either way, you have most likely experienced some form of hatred towards physical contact whether you understand it or not. There may or may not be any rhyme or reason to explain why someone hates being touched, but rest assured it is not easy being someone who will avoid close contact with another person at all costs.

Here is a look inside at the struggles, trials, and tribulations of people who hate to be physical contact.

1.Meeting new people

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In most cases, those who don’t like physical contact don’t wear a sign that says “keep a three-foot distance from me at all times,” and there is really no way to tell right off the bat if someone is a hug lover, or if they relate to a pufferfish on a spiritual level. The struggles for avoiding such stuff is un-explainable. For people who hate being touched, hugs are just something they feel that they have to accept when they’re at the in-between stage of a friendship with someone where they can’t explain their hatred towards physical contact, but are at a place where most would deem hugs a normal gesture.

2.Being stuck in crowded places

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Whether its public transportation, a crowded lecture hall, or the mall on Black Friday, crowded places are a nightmare and filled with struggles for people who hate physical contact. It’s bad enough having to squish their bodies up against someone they know when they are forced into giving a hug, but having to be pressed up against strangers could not be any worse. Most wouldn’t go as far as saying that they are claustrophobic, rather to them the idea of having to share a tiny space with people they don’t know is not very desirable.

3.Social gatherings

struggles of people who hate physical contact
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Another one to the list of struggles. Whether it’s hanging out with friends or at a family party, it seems that without fail everyone finds it necessary to hug everyone when they arrive and before they leave. Personally, they think one hug is more than enough…for the year, but who hate physical contact don’t agree. By the end of the party they feel lucky if you can make it out without someone attacking them with one of those hug/kiss on the cheek combos …yeah they know all about your overly affectionate tricks, hug-lovers. They’re onto you. 


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