12 Terrifying Creatures On Earth That Can Give You Nightmares


4- Titanoboa.

These snakes lived about 60–58 million years ago, grew up to 42 feet (12.8 meters) and were known to eat large crocodiles. They are the largest, longest, and heaviest snakes that ever lived (weighing about 2,500 lb, or 1,135 kg). You should be glad you are living in 2016.

Terrifying Creatures


5- Wolf Fish

Don’t you dare to think that being in crystal clear water will save you from this deadly fish? This fish will pop out of nowhere and attack you.

Terrifying Creatures


6- Cthulhu Larva.

Also known as sea pig is one of the most disgusting creatures who can spot ever. One touch of it and you will go weegle-zeegle-bee.