The Lip Color One Chooses Most Often Reveals A Lot About Them.


Everybody has different opinions when it comes to makeup, some like using heavy makeup, some love the no-makeup look. But, one thing you just can’t deny about makeups is that they make you look good. But, did you know that your choice of makeup can reveal a lot you? In particular, the lip color that you choose the most often, tells who you are and what your personality type is.

Did you know that the lip color you choose most often reveals these traits about you?

1. Orange.

A social butterfly, yes, that’s who you are. You are 100% extrovert and you seem to have no problem making friends, and you are undoubtedly the center of attraction wherever you go.
lip color

2. Red.

Bold and beautiful, red is obviously such a color that speaks volumes all by itself. And you are just like the bright and vibrant red. You are highly ambitious and would give anything it takes to fulfill your goals, you are definitely not somebody who would scare away from challenges.
lip color3. Pink.

You’re warm and affectionate and your friends and family completely trust you to keep their secrets safe. In fact, people turn to you when they are in need of advice, you never have the habit of judging people and always go beyond and over to help those who are in need.
lip color4. Nude.

Down-to-Earth, that is how people would describe you, you are not at all materialistic and value honesty and friendship above everything else. You absolutely don’t like sugarcoating things and your friends love for how chill you can be.
lip color5. Brown.

Family, traditions, and nostalgia are what makes you who you are. You hold family above everything else, and being around them is what makes you happier than ever.
6. Purple

You’re stubborn, but in a good way, you take the lead no matter what the task is. You’re headstrong and you love the way you are.
7. Black.

You are what rebels are made of, you are independent and care absolutely little about what others have to say. You live your life by your own rules and you don’t care what the rules say!
8. Wild.

You are not afraid of taking risks and you are an artist. You crave for perfection and like to break the stereotypes.



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