These Are The Actors Behind Your Favorite Characters!


We have so many favorite characters from movies that we barely can keep track. Some characters we only remember by their appearances on these movies. But, have you ever wondered who are the people behind these famous characters on TV? Well, it’s time to introduce you to the actors behind the makeup and masks.

Here are the actors behind your favorite characters from your favorite Hollywood movies!

1. John Rys Davies, I’m absolutely sure you remember the angry little dwarf who was, in fact, a total sweetheart, yes folks, Gimli from The Lord Of The Rings.
favorite characters

2. Warwick Davis, I never ever, I repeat ever liked this treacherous Goblin Griphook from the Harry Potter films.
favorite characters
3. Heath Ledger, who doesn’t remember the legendary actor Heath Ledger in his infamous role as the Joker from The Dark Knight. This talented actor will be forever missed.
favorite characters
4. Sofia Boutella, who would’ve recognized this beautiful French actress underneath all that makeup? Well, Sofia is the lady behind the character Jaylah from Star Trek: Beyond.
favorite characters
5. Ray Prak, if you’re wondering who is behind that horrific creature Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom of Menace, here’s your man. Sadly, this handsome man was hidden beneath that gruesome mask.

6. Cara Delevingne, the enchantress, played by none other than the gorgeous Cara was a well-deserved antagonist in the Suicide Squad.

7. Naomi Harris, I’m sure all the Pirates Of Carribean lovers remembers this extra-ordinary witch with some really powerful spells under her, well, dreads. Tia Dalma is a character very different from Naomi’s real self but she pulled it off really well!

8. Aymeline Valade, this gorgeous actress played the Empress Hanan Limai in the movie Valerian and the city of thousand planets.

9. Rebecca Romijn, remember Mystique? I’m sure you do, this was the original Mystique that nearly wounded Wolverine.

10. Karen Gillan, yep, that is Nebula. I didn’t believe my eyes at first but trust me, she is really Nebula from the Guardians of Galaxy.


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