These Annoying Habits Of Partners Definitely Puts The Relationship To Test!


They say that patience is a virtue. It most certainly is, I have no argument there, but somebody definitely should’ve set separate patience rules for relationships. I mean, I get it, things that you find really annoying in your partner might seem normal to them. But, honestly, these annoying habits definitely puts the relationship to test!

These people are this close to calling it off because of their partner’s annoying habits!

1. So, you should’ve known this by now that there’s only one person after marriage who is always right. That’s not you pal.
annoying habits

2. I guess you should be really worried about your wife’s choice of fiction. Or maybe she is hinting at something here?
annoying habits
3. You’ve got to be honest, but lay it on her as gently as possible. Though I’m not sure whether this ended well or not.
annoying habits
4. That is just so cool. I mean, that is way too expensive for a household item, but that is definitely a hell lot cool!

5. Well, well, looks like somebody’s definitely gonna steal your girl if your keep that nasty body shaming mentality of yours.

6. Okay, pal, what are you like 10? Definitely way more dramatic than the girlfriend it seems. Say bless you yourself.
annoying habits
7. Oh well, things you do for love, or for love-making. I’m not quite sure what’s more appropriate!
annoying habits
8. Uh-Oh, looks like he’s in trouble, I don’t blame you, pal, girlfriends can throw a lot trickier questions than this one. You’ve got to be prepared mate!
annoying habits
9. Looks like somebody has had their overdose of ketchup, are you sure you aren’t having a ketchup addiction perhaps?

10. Oh My God, I’d be pissed as hell too if my husband thought that it was absolutely okay to keep the pizza in the refrigerator like this.

11. So, it seems like he is pissed about something, not sure why he won’t drop the look though!

12. Oh boy, that is so not a cucumber, I think you should get a revision about the vegetables. Perhaps you wouldn’t dare to mix up Zucchini and cucumber.

13. Her husband got the memory foam for his side of the bed.

14. That is not the right place to put the coffee pal.


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