These Illustrations Beautifully Depict That A Dog Owner Never Feels Alone!


Life always feels a little less lonely if you have at least one person to share your feelings to. But, this isn’t always necessary sometimes your best companion is four legs and a tail. Yes, your dog, he is somebody who feels always be by your side no matter what. He won’t judge you for not being too pretty, or too popular or too rich. He’ll always hand out his paw and give you all the love in the world. So if you are a dog owner you’ll never be lonely!

A Los Angeles based artist Yaoayo Ma Van As creates beautiful heartwarming illustrations about her life with her dog.

This artist shows with her illustrations that why a dog owner is never alone!

1. They’ll be the best alarm clock in the world. You can be sure of them waking you up cause they miss you already.

dog owner

2. The grass definitely feels greener and soothing with them around.

3. They never let you get lonely and sad even when the weather is being gloomy and depressing.

4. They are always eager to show their love for you. Because you are the best according to them.

5. You will always be held and cuddled at night with them by your side.
6. They want your attention at all times.

7. Well, it can get messy at times. But, hey, they still love you!
7. They are your biggest fans and will always encourage you.

8. Always in the mood to play. Life surely can never get boring!dog owner
9. At times they may startle you up from your sleep. But, they always want to protect you.

10. No matter how cold the weather gets. You’ll always have the warmth of their love.
11. They won’t leave you alone even if you’re in the shower.
12. Life can get busier, but you can count on them to look out for you.
dog owner13. They teach you the value of sharing.

14. They can be a lot to handle at times, but they’ll never make you cry.

15. Even simple household work can get a lot more fun with them to play around with you.

16. Working out? They’ll give you company in that too!

17. Yes, they do deserve all your love and affection.
dog owner
18. They want to be a part of all your adventures and will never leave you alone.
dog owner
19. The sea surely feels a little warmer and less lonely with them around.
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