These Outlandish Pictures From The Airport Will Make You ROFL!


Airport, probably the most favorite place in the Hollywood and Bollywood movies alike. Some get to meet the love of their life after ages, and some say goodbye to their loved ones. Airports have seen a whirlpool of emotions over the years. But some pictures can only be regarded as outlandish. Why do I say this? Well, have a look!

These hilariously outlandish pictures from the airport are gonna make you go ROFL!

1. Lookie here, we have an important ground staff on the runway! Can you please give us the directions for takeoff?

2. Getting bored in the waiting area? No problem, practice your acrobatic skills instead.
airport3. Looks like he could use a travel buddy, anybody up for a vacation?
4. Whoa! How did they even manage to stack the luggage up so high? Oh, okay, this is a part of the design. This art for the inside decor was installed by artist Brian Goggin.
airport5. Are you serious? The runway is intersecting with the roads? I’m not exactly sure that’s a safe thing to do.

6. Well, well, looks like Andress Urach gave a lot more for the traveling fans to speculate about.
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7. Now, that’s an important instruction to be given. These things seem to take up forever., though none want to bid their loved ones goodbye sooner. But, this becomes really necessary to lessen the crowd inside.
8. Checking often gets really awkward at times. This is one of those times., where the passenger feels really uncomfortable about going through the process.

9. What are these hawks doing inside the plane? Oh, okay, rich Arabs!

10. Not the pick up sign she was expecting. But, I bet this was a hilarious scene!


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