6 Things About Black Holes You Need To Know!


Black Holes are one of the strangest things of the universe. They are a collection of mass, with a gravitational pull so strong that it breaks matter, along with the quantum laws. Still, under observation, Black Holes resembles those grizzly bears who are always hungry. And hungry for what? Ah! Anything

Nothing can escape the pull of a Black Hole. Not even light. The reason why it absorbs no light and appears black. There are usually two different kinds of Black Holes in existence. Supermassive and Stellar-Mass Black Holes. While the latter has a mass equivalent to a few Suns, the former has this number in millions.

 They are like long dark tunnels, which leads to nowhere (or everywhere!). Scientists know they exist not because they have seen it, but because the presence of a Black Hole affects the existence of nearby stars and gases. They have been a mystery, and are still under study. Let’s dig deep down into them, and see if we can survive their strong pull of awesomeness.
  • Singularity
Things you want to know about Black Holes


A point possessing singularity has no spatial dimensions. This means that it doesn’t have length, breadth, or height, and is infinitely dense. It won’t have any shape or size. Black Holes exhibit the same phenomenon. Irrespective of the theories that suggest they are infinitely big, Black Holes are shapeless.

  • You can’t escape a Black Hole!
Things you need to know about Black Holes


This is the most well-known and understandable fact about Black Holes. It possesses a strong field which has the power to suck anything & everything that hovers around. Its gravitational pull is inescapable, so once you’re in the zone, there’s no going back home. You’re done!

  • Event Horizon Mystery
Things you need to know about Black Holes



Event Horizon can be thought of as a boundary, ahead of which the Black Hole starts showcasing its wrath. Anything that steps beyond this borderline is consumed by the massive Hole, and cannot return back. Event Horizon is also called a point of no return. It is termed as Event Horizon because whatever events happen beyond this, have no effect on an outside observer.

  • Are Black Holes really Black?
Things you need to know about Black Holes



We have learned that Black Holes are completely Black simply because they consume light, and does not reflect anything back. But is that true? The biggest Black Hole in our Galaxy, SgrA* is the brightest point in the sky. NASA has proved this by releasing an image which clearly shows how this Black Hole isn’t really Black.

  • How is a Black Hole born?
Things you need to know about Black Holes



Who’s the parent of this aberrant thing? Well, blame the stars. Yes, they are the reason behind the formation of one of a unique thing in this universe. When the fuel of a stat gets over, it either dies a slow death to become a neutron star or suffers a big explosion called Supernova. Once the star explodes into Supernova, it becomes massive enough to bend space-time in itself, forming a Black Hole.

  • What or Who can kill it?
Things you need to know about Black Holes


Well, to kill the most powerful thing in existence, you need to do something extraordinarily unimaginable. But when we talk about Black Holes, who do you think can kill it?
It’s the Black Hole itself. Yes, you heard that right. A thing which is powerful enough to not let go anything that wanders around is its own enemy. Black Hole emits radiation in the form of mass and energy, and scientists believe that the rate at which they lose mass, promotes their own decadence. After a certain amount of time, they shrink and evaporate.

There are many things that are to revealed about space. And Black Holes are one of those mysteries. Although recently, an extremely high-resolution telescope was used to study the unusual activities around two Black Holes, but we have to wait until 2018 when the images will be fully developed. The pictures are believed to uncover mysterious activities that a Black Hole possess. Until then, let’s wait!

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