22 Things That Look Super Weird Under A Microscope.

Inventions like the microscope helped science leap many boundaries in biology and our understanding of living creatures. We discovered viruses, bacterias and many other living creatures which were unknown before and managed to see what they looked like. But have you ever wondered what other things look like under the microscope? They look super weird! Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself.
1. Human Finger Nail Which Looks Beautiful Otherwise. 
Super Weird microscope
But put it under a high power microscope and BAM! You’ve got something super weird which has the texture of a Naan bread.
2. An Ant’s Head. 
Makes you wonder how scared Antman would have been when he first saw the ants up close.
3. A Swollen Tick. 
Okay, ticks are disgusting. The latch on to living creatures and suck their blood. But I never thought how freaky they’d look under a microscope.
4. Embryotic Zebra Fish. 
This fish is super wired! Up close of course.
5. Caterpillar. 
This is the stuff that fuels your nightmares. Caterpillars were supposed to be cute but this isn’t even super weird! It’s downright creepy!
6. A Worm. 
Its eyes look likes sperm. Wtf.
7. Chicken Embryo. 
This is perhaps the only living creature on this list which looks almost cute and not creepy.
8. A Maggot. 
What the f*ck? Maggots actually have sabretooth like teeth?
9. Eyelashes. 
Never knew that your super weird microscope looked like a dirty grass field.
10. Hydrothermal Worm. 
Yeah, I can see where mangakas who draw anime monsters get their inspiration from.
11. A Head Lice. 
Lice suck. Literally. They infest your hair and suck your blood causing you to itch uncontrollably. And this one is clinging to some poor guy’s hair.
12. Wasp. 
Normal sized wasps are creepy but super zoomed ones are super weird.
13. Asbestos. 
This is the second beautiful thing under a microscope on this list. However, asbestos is bad for your lungs. Just look at its texture. It chokes your lungs!
14. Bed Bugs. 
I am really sorry if you have trouble sleeping at night. Because watching the bed bugs which may or not infest your lovely bed is definitely going to turn you into an insomniac.
15. Water Bear. 
Did you know that this super weird looking organism is the only known thing which can survive in the vacuum of space? The latest Star Trek series Star Trek: Discovery featured a very big version of this creature in their debut season.
16. Tongue. 
Isn’t it super weird that your tongue looks like this under a microscope?
17. Snowflake. 
A snowflake is the only thing which looks like a snowflake under a powerful microscope.
18. Shark Skin.
This texture should be researched on and replicated to make armour suits, don’t you think?
19. Strawberry. 
Yeah, I’m not having strawberries anytime soon they look super creepy!
20. Pop Tarts. 
Looks like a really bad acid trip.
21. Coffee. 
Super Weird microscope
Coffee looks weirdly appetizing no?
22. Vodka. 
Super Weird microscope
I must say this, vodka looks super trippy under a microscope.


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