This Grandad Has Some Strict Rules For Anybody Who Wants To Date His Granddaughter!


Grandads are probably the sweetest beings you can ever have. In fact, the kids who have grandparents know what fun it is to be around them and they’ll never say no to you because they love you more than they love their own children. But, sometimes grandparents can be a little overprotective and hence make some strict rules for you!

This 21-year-old girl’s grandad has some strict rules for anybody who wants to date her and they are absolutely hilarious!

strict rules

Amie McHugh, a 21-year-old girl from Scotland received a detailed list of rules for the boys who would want to date her and she couldn’t help but share it online. William is an old lad from Lanarkshire in Scotland, who took it to his responsibility to let his granddaughter know what type of boy is she allowed to date and who could be her potential life partner.

Well, Amie couldn’t control her hilarious emotions and took to Twitter to share these rule and honestly, they are hilarious!

And as technology and grandparents don’t really mingle well the texts were in All Caps and it was quite a difficult task to figure out what was her trying to say. But Amie decoded them and shared the details of the list online.

This is what the rules read,

1. He must be a Roman Catholic.

strict rules

2. He must be a Celtic Supporter.

strict rules

3. He must be working.

strict rules

4. I must Like Him.

strict rules

5. He must like me.

strict rules

6. He must never look at another girl while in this relationship.

7. He must be financially well off.

8. He must be very kind.

9. He must have a car.

10. Whenever in my company he must offer to pay bills.

And this is how he concluded his list.

Amie says that she has always been the closest to her grandfather and they are like buddies for real. He has always been her go-to person. Well, all we can say is we love you, Granddad!


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