Dad Turns His Son’s Doodles Into Amazing Anime Characters And It’s Unbelievable!


dad turns son's doodles into anime characters


Starting with a series of tweets, he has turned this Father-Son duo into one of the most trending workshops on the internet and we definitely just can’t get enough of it!

From aliens and cyborgs to knights and steampunk doctors this duo has done it all. But each time you see them come up with something new you say “Now that’s what you call creativity!”

Here are some of the drawings that is taking the internet by storm!

The One Eyed Alien can never get old!

Son draws the alien from outer space with obviously, one eye! And we all love it.

dad turns son's doodles into anime characters

Dad adds his magic, and we have a 3D alien on a 2D sketch book!

dad turns his son's doodles into anime charactersvia


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