Dad Turns His Son’s Doodles Into Amazing Anime Characters And It’s Unbelievable!


You remember the time when we used to scribble drawings on a book? Yep. We’ve all been through the “I’m an artist” phase, and trust me, it was the best phase ever. But did you ever think that your doodles could inspire your dad so much that he’d turn them into super cool anime characters? Nope. So here we have Thomas Romain, the dad who turned his son’s drawings into awesome characters!

Thomas Romain, Who Turned His Son’s Doodles Into Awesome Anime Characters! He shared his amazing work on twitter in collaboration with his son.

Thomas Romain turns doodles into anime characters


Thomas Romain is a French animator and artist living in Tokyo. He’s worked on some of the most famous anime series such as Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, and Basquash.

dad turns son's doodles into anime charactersvia

But his best work so far is no doubt the Father-Son duo series. The sons no doubt are as imaginative as their cool dad, and try to put up their best with the doodles inspiring their dad. Thomas on his part lends his artistic touch and turns them into mind-blowing anime characters you can probably imagine about!


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