9 Incidents When TV Strangely Predicted The Future So Accurate


9 Times TV correctly Predicted the Future

If Nostradamus was alive today, he would definitely check modern TV for inspiration. Our TV sitcoms have strangely predicted few popular and tragic future events with an unmistakable accuracy. Having said that, it is also possible that the conspirators took their ideas from these TV series. The Swing does move both ways but at this time, let us sit back and enjoy these prophecies.

Here are 9 Incidents when TV strangely predicted the future so accurate:

1. The Simpsons and Donald Trump

The popular TV show, The Simpsons is renowned for correctly predicting many real live events. On many occasions, the writers have prophesized some intriguing events which actually saw the light of day.

The latest correct prediction that came true  is the candidature of Republican party nominee, Donald Trump who is running to become US President. Trump is a well-known media personality and has been in the limelight for many years. In a 2008 episode, Lisa Simpson mentions that Donald Trump was for President.

Pic: Simpsons and Donald Trump

TV predicted the Future

2. The Lone Gunmen and 9/11

Perhaps the most astonishing of all TV predictions, The Lone Gunmen, a failed TV drama spoke about a plot to hijack a plane and crash it into World Trade Center. The controversial episode was aired six months prior to 9/11 and ironically the show was called off after six episodes.

Pic: WTC on a tragic day

TV predicted the Future


3. Family Guy and Robin Williams

In an episode from Season 10, the Family Guy TV series talks about a failed suicide attempt by renowned comedian and actor, Robin Williams. The episode was aired in 2012 and the unfortunate suicide took place in 2014.

Pic: Family guy featuring a cartoon of Robin Williams. 

TV predicted the Future


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