8 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need to be Answered


4. Marguerite de La Rocque Conquers the Isle of Demons

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One of the trickiest unsolved mysteries is this. In addition to Marguerite, her lover was abandoned on the island, as well as her completely innocent, presumably pissed maidservant. Without much to do on an island, Marguerite, and her new boyfriend got to work nailing one another, and without the benefit of prophylactics on the island, she got pregnant.

5. What Secret Message Is Hidden in This Massive, Cryptic YouTube Channel?

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A YouTube channel named Webdriver Torso went viral when it began uploading strange, 11-second videos consisting only of shifting red and blue rectangles accompanied by a tone of varying pitch, paradoxically managing to still be more interesting and as one of the unsolved mysteries than 99 percent of the other channels on YouTube.

6. Who Was the Mute Piano Genius?

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On the U.K. Isle of Sheppey, police found a man in a drenched suit wandering down a seaside road. He had no identification, all the labels had been removed from his clothing (apparently everyone in the U.K. writes their names inside their clothing like grade-schoolers), and he couldn’t speak. Authorities checked him into a hospital in Kent, which would become his home for months while they tried to determine his identity.


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