8 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need to be Answered


7. Why Does the Same Mysterious Man Turn Up in Hundreds of Random, Antique Photos?

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Like an episode of The Twilight Zone, our story opens in an antique shop, where New York photography historian Donald Lokuta stumbled upon an eyebrow-raising relic: a few dusty photo booth images of the same unidentified man. And by “a few,” we mean nearly 500 boring photos, starting during the Great Depression and continuing all the way up through the 1960s.

Is the man spending life in prison the real killer of Hae Min Lee?

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A 1999 murder case was resurrected and put under the microscope this year thanks to Serial, a nonfiction podcast that unravels a story week by week.
Currently, Adnan Syed is serving a life sentence for murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee when they were in high school. When Serial host Sarah Koenig started investigating the case a year ago, the strange story surrounding the murder of the Baltimore high school student, a lot of things didn’t add up.


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